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  • CBD - Cannabidiol an "enriched" amount is around 4% but typical amounts are between 0.01% - 2%.
  • THC - delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (typical amounts are between 8% - 20% strain dependant, usually MUCH lower in tinctures & butters while much higher in Hash).
  • CBN -Cannabinol (is a degradation of THC so typical amounts are low and range between 0% - 1%.  Levels rise when exposed to light and heat.
Colorado Mobile Testing does not factor in THCA or any acidic cannabinoids.  While including this constituent of raw cannabis in a THC potency calculation will provide a higher number, this compound decarboxylates when the cannabis is heated.  By testing with a GC, Colorado Mobile Testing is providing potency values more representative of what your patients will actually experienece.