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Colorado Mobile Testing provides on-site testing of THC, CBD and CBN content of flower/plant materials as well as extracts and oils.   All potency tests are done with a Gas Chromotograph.  Gas Chromotography (and HPLC) in the hands of trained scientists are the most reliable, repeatable and precise methods for determining marijuana potency.  Colorado Mobile also does visual microscopic inspection for molds for given samples and products.  Test results are ready within 20 minutes of sampling.  Results will be given to customers on a customer-specific thumb drive and also available on a secure page of our website.  Test results are color-coded and tie to a poster that we provide as part of our new customer setup.  Results can be provided as binder sheets, jar labels, business cards, product bags incorporating proposed Amendment 64 wording and regulations.  

Each customer is responsible for preparing their sample according to our custom Sample Preparation Procedure before our arrival.   A Chain of Custody form accompanies these samples for clear recordkeeping of exactly what was sampled on each visit.  Your test results are accompanied by a Quality Control Report to provide backup scientific evidence of how all tests adhere to industry standards.  As part of our initial customer set-up, we ask that you sign our Agreement of Services as our contract to you of what services we provide and how we will stand behind them.  

Payment is due at time of services.  You can pay easily with a credit card with our without a PayPal account.  Click here to pay for your tests.

At this time, Colorado Mobile Testing does not test cooked/manufactured edibles.  We do test the oils/butter/extracts to be used to produce the edibles. There are still no clear studies done of how the body metastasizes Cannabinoids.  Tests of available cannabinoids does not scientifically yield how much of that available will activate.  Our equipment and testing replicates how much active THC, CBD or CBN will be present when processed at smoking or vaporizing temperature.    We also do not currently test for pesticides or provide organic certification.  We can however talk you through how to ask the right questions to find appropriate and accurate testing facilities for these services.

To understand more about the laboratory quality measures built into our testing, and what you will have to back up your test results, please see our Testing Methods.

Call 970-673-5007 to schedule a test, ask us any science questions or get samples of labels, packaging and test results. 

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